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    Card Captor Sakura

                *  Virtually all of my images were scanned personally from Art Books that I have purchased over the past couple of years.  Card Captor Sakura is a Manga/Anime created by CLAMP.  I have never read the manga but have watched both movies and have seen all episodes.  

                It centers around a young girl named Sakura who has, unbeknownst to her, magical powers.  She inadvertently unlocks an enchanted book which contains magical cards that are then scattered throughout her home town.  Accompanied with Keroberus, the guardian of the seal and a darn cute little plushie, Sakura sets out to return the cards to the book.

                I found this anime to be highly enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't need an extensively elaborate plot or a particularly malicious villain.  


    Sailor Moon

            *  I have seen all seasons of this anime except for Stars (the last one).  This long anime series is based on the manga by the same name which was created by Naoko Takeuchi.  This is probably the first anime that most people can recall seeing.  It is a nostalgic favorite of mine.  Having recently seen the first season in it's original Japanese (i.e. before it was butchered by Dic) form with English subtitles I can safely say that the original is much better than anything we Americans got to see on tv.  

                This anime centers around another young girl with mystical powers.  Usagi is one of the nine Sailor Senshi.  Most of the Sailor Senshi are unaware of their abilities until they are 'awakened' in a time of crisis with the aid of one of the guardians.  I can't help but feel a great of sympathy of pitiful Usagi who just wants to be a normal girl that goes to the mall and eats too many dumplings.  

                Anyway, most of these scans I have gathered on the internet.  I had been collecting these images for years so I am unable to give credit where credit is due.  Happily enough, some of the images I have scanned myself and I am slowly replacing the old ones with new ones.